ALEPH Network Communities Council

Welcome To The ALEPH Network Communities Council Page

The ALEPH Network Communities Council will made up of representatives from across the ALEPH Network. The purpose of this new group is to connect Network members (organizational, congregational, and individual) with one another; to discern what Network members need from the Network and from ALEPH; and to enable Network members to share resources and best practices with each other. The Council will serve as a conduit for information flow and among between Network members, and also as a mechanism for supporting ALEPH as the institution beneath whose ethics jurisdiction all Network members are covered.

The ALEPH Network Communities Council will be launching in early 2017, so stay tuned!


What Kinds of Things Will the Communities Council Work On?

The Communities Council will work to connect ALEPH Network members with existing resources within ALEPH -- resources relating to community ritual and davenen (prayer), music / song / chant, personal spiritual practices, liturgies for unique circumstances, practices both traditional and new, and educational resources for a variety of age groups.

Members of the Council will also work with ALEPH toward developing and sharing resources in areas such as congregational consulting, interim clergy support, best practices for clergy contracts, working with boards, etc. 


Who Makes Up the Communities Council?

The Council will consist of between 12 and 20 people. In the Council’s first year (5777), members will be appointed; starting in year two, we’ll establish an election mechanism by which willing volunteers can be nominated to serve on the Council, and when there are more nominees than there are open Council seats, we’ll use online technology to hold a community-wide election for the Council seats.