Asiyah year-end campaign

I'm so excited about what 2019 will bring for Asiyah. In addition to continued expansion of our offerings—regular Shabbat services, meditation, Rosh Chodesh circle, book club, and classes, including my (re)Introduction to Judaism class—and community thickening, we will be actively looking for a site to a beta-test the wisdom café concept: the one address for all of Asiyah’s gatherings, for nourishing body, mind, heart and soul, and practicing resilience and open-heartedness. With Shechina’s help and yours.
Goal $ 5,000.00
29.72% towards our goal
$ 1,486.00 raised
Sara Luria
$ 54.00
You and Amberly are guiding lights. So grateful to be connected to you!! xoxox
$ 54.00
$ 54.00
$ 216.00
May your love and light show the way and attract many who seek your wisdom and presence.
Susan Raskin Abrams
$ 180.00
Adina Polen And Ariel Mayse
$ 36.00
Grateful for the Asiyah community you are building, the reverberations of blessing reach all the way out to the West Coast, and surely around the world. Bracha v'hatzlacha on deepening and growing your work in the coming year!
Renee Shapiro And Mimi Rhys
$ 100.00
We love building community with you.
Your gift helps create a holy vessel for progressive Jewish spirituality where Jews, fellow travelers and seekers can breathe, open, dream and help build the world we want to live in. Thank you for being part of the formation of this reality.