3rd Encounter with Talmud and Midrash

The Goal is to build on the core competencies of the First and Second classes while introducing a meta level of understanding Rabbinic texts. Philosophically and theologically we engage in deep primary text study, including texts influential to Reb Zalman; providing a framework for students to engage with the wisdom of our Sages as they explore topics that inform our work as rabbis and as leaders in Jewish Renewal. Sugyot from tractates Sanhedrin, Hagigah, Eruvin, and Gittin are windows to explore topics such as Paradigm Shift, rabbinic leadership, revelation, gender, mysticism, and the study of Talmud itself. Critically,  students are acquainted with contemporary academic approaches to the study of Talmud, with the objective of  understanding the historic developments of this literature, as well as the tools and methodologies available for scholarship.

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