Biblical History and Civilization Part 2

This is the second part of an intensive two-semester survey of the major movements, themes and developments in the evolution of Israelite/Jewish civilization from the birth of Israelite religion and people to the end of the biblical period. Topics to be explored are: the nature of Israelite prophecy, the history of the Northern Kingdom especially in relation to its prophets (Eliyahu, Elisha, Amos, Hosheya, the history of the Southern Kingdom, especially in relation to its prophets, (Yishayahu (“First” Isaiah), Mikha, Yermiyahu) Sefer D’varim, the First Exile and “Second” Isaiah, Shivat Tziyon, Ezra and Nechemiah, Women and Gender in Ancient Israel, Wisdom Literature (Kohelet and Mishlei), Wisdom and Theodicy (Sefer Iyov), Tehillim, Megillat Rut and Megillat Esther.  The course description for Part 1 may be found under History Courses.

Rabbinic Pastor
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Cantorial: ALEPH Required
Rabbinic: ALEPH Required
RP: ALEPH Required