Sefer Iyyov – The Book of Job

An in-depth exploration of the bewildering, heart-wrenching and profound book of Job. The text will be encountered in Hebrew and in English, focusing on the deep questions: 

 •why do good people suffer? •where is God in our suffering? •in the face of suffering, what is the meaning of life? •what can we expect of God? •do we have the right to indict and argue with God? •what must we expect of ourselves? •what is the nature of friendship? •what is the nature of faith? •what do we learn from this book that is useful to us as  rabbis, rabbinic pastors and caretakers? The class will also include such modalities as bibliodrama, consideration of a modern theatrical treatment of the story of Job, a contemporary film that focuses on Job as its thematic center and a contemplative approach to the text.

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