Halachic Process / Theory of Integral Halachah

This course provides an opportunity for rabbinic students to explore and develop their relationship with the halachic process, and to find their places within the expanded parameters created by the addition of Integral Halachah. Through this course, we will look at the halachic process from a spiritual perspective, renewing its potential as a guide for ethical decision-making, while taking an honest and compassionate look at how this process narrowed over the past two centuries. We will do this by exploring selected issues (e.g. kitniyot on Pesach, the melachot of Shabbat; kashrut and eco-kashrut), looking at the limits of traditional halachic discourse, adding the perspective of Integral Halachah and formulating Integral approaches to those issues. This course requires competence in  reading rabbinic texts.

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Rabbinic: ALEPH Required
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