The White Spaces between the Black Letters: Lernen the Kedushat Levi

An in-depth exploration of the mystical teachings of one of the most beloved of all the hasidic masters, Levi Yitzhak of Berdichev. Focus will be on refining Hebrew text-reading skills and gaining intimacy with this great rebbe. The key text is the 2 volume edition of the Kedushat Levi along with supplements from cognate works and from the Mayseh (Tale) literature. Themes include: Hasidic prayer, serving through Devotion (mesirut nefesh),  Between Yesh and Ayin, Tzimtzum and Tikkun, Love of the Other, and Entering the White Spaces. Text work will be supplemented by niggun and brief meditations.  This course fulfills the content of Intensive Study of one Rebbe.

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