Transformative Themes in Reb Zalman’s Writings

As we cannot imagine a Reconstructionist rabbi unfamiliar with the writings and thought of Mordechai Kaplan, a renewal rabbi should be intimate with Reb Zalman's writings and thought. One of the objectives of becoming a rabbi for the renewal of Judaism and the Jewish people is to be a paradigm shifter.  Studying the writings of Reb Zalman is to feel the shift happening and to know many of the ingredients of that new paradigm. This course will examine Reb Zalman’s writings in the following areas:  Renewing Judaism, Paradigm Shift, Psycho-Halachah (Integral Halachah), Teshuvah, Deep Ecumenism, Spiritual  Practices and the Nature of the Spiritual Life, Hasidic and Kabbalistic Sources of Reb Zalman’s thought, Models of Rebbetude, Spritual Direction, and Davvenology.

Rabbinic Pastor talmidim may choose either this course or Introductionto Jewish Renewal & Reb Zalman's Thought to fulfill the requirement.

Rabbinic Pastor
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Rabbinic: ALEPH Required