Hashpa'ah Program Application Form

ALEPH Ordination Program (AOP)

Hashpa’ah Training Program - Cohort 6

leading to certificate as Mashpia/Spiritual Director

- clergy may receive additional smicha as Mashpia Ruchani -


for Rabbis, Cantors, and Rabbinic Pastors

& Rabbinic, Cantorial, and Rabbinic Pastor students

as well as others seeking training as Jewish Spiritual Director (certificate only)


Application Form

Requirements You've Already Fulfilled:

Select all that apply OR leave blank if none. Then, in pop-up field please provide date and instructor OR relevant details.

NOTE: (1) Those marked by an asterisk * are courses or trainings REQUIRED for completion of the Hashpa'ah Program. (2) The abbreviation "fdn" means "foundational" -- whether you need to fulfill certain foundational requirements (that is, by taking AOP foundational courses) would be determined in consultation with the Program Director, based on your background.

Please share with us your experience with hashpa'ah/spiritual direction:

QUESTIONS: (1) Are you presently working with a spiritual director/therapist/guide of some type? Or, have you in the past? (2) If you are not working with a mashpia/spiritual director, tell us what you imagine spiritual direction to be. (3) Have you read any of the literature on spiritual direction, online through Spiritual Directors International, Seeking and Soaring, Jewish Spiritual Direction, or other?