Liturgy Track

Graduates of the program will be able to design, lead and evaluate traditional and innovative rituals and worship with mastery and expertise.  This mastery will be developed through study of liturgical events with understanding of theories of symbols and ritualization; personal coaching and training with master practitioners; depth study of traditional sources; and wide exposure to contemporary practice deemed to be state of the art.

Block I Master Practitioner Training in Liturgical Process and Leadership – 3 AOP units

(i) Dynamics of Liturgical Leadership (DLTI) - 2 units
Chant & Liturgical Worship (Kol Zimra) - 2 units
(ii) Life Cycle Practicum - 1 unit 
A student who wishes to take both DLTI and Kol Zimra may do so counting both courses toward the D.Min. This will be done by taking the second course under Block II Advanced Study. Students taking this option will be required to take 2 units in Personal Professional Context and 2 units in Advanced Electives.

Block IIa Liturgy and Theology/ Text History and Meaning - 3 AOP units

Academic Study of the Liturgy of Shabbat and Weekdays
Academic Study of the Liturgy of High Holidays, Festivals and Observances
Academic study of Lifecycle Text and Tradition

Block IIb Advanced Study – 6 AOP units selected from (i) and (ii)

In consultation with their Program Advisors students will select a total of 6 AOP units of elective study, at least 4 AOP units of which develop a coherent "Focus Area."  It is anticipated that the Demonstration Project and Thesis will be based in this Focus Area. While the precise electives may vary from time to time, the rigor and range of courses will be maintained.  With the agreement of the Program Advisor courses offered by New York Theological Seminary or other institutions of graduate study may be accepted in this category.

(i) Personal/Professional Context - 3 units
Commentaries on the Siddur
Advanced Musical Studies in Liturgy (Hazzanut) - can count for 2 units
• Cantorial Arts I   Shabbat and Weekday Nusach
• Cantorial Arts II  High Holiday Nusach
• Cantorial Arts III  Festivals Fasts and Other Liturgical Foci
The Living context: Visiting and Evaluating Worship
Niggun as a Spiritual Practice and Art Form of Prayer
Kol Zimra can be counted here
Other options with permission of program
(ii) Advanced Elective Study - 3 units
Shaliach Tzibbur  (prayer leadership) in Jewish Legal Sources
Mystical Poetry and Piyytim of the Jewish Liturgy
Comparative "nuscha'ot"  (textual variants in the liturgy)
Feminist Liturgy
Liturgical Ethnomusicology
Hasidic Models of Prayer
Sephardi Liturgical and Musical Traditions
Commentaries on the Siddur
Advanced Master training in Sacred Music
Other advanced elective courses in liturgy with permission of program

The ALEPH Ordination Program will maintain a rigorous commitment to the number and depth of course offerings and practica towards these diplomas, although the elective courses may vary from time to time.