Spiritual Direction Track

Work with a Mashpia/Spiritual Director for all semesters: covers personal issues of theology, prayer, and spiritual and ethical practice (2 AOP units)

Supervision of Hashpa'ah/Spiritual Direction with Individuals
Supervision of Hashpa'ah/Spiritual Direction with Groups

Block I   Master Practitioner Training in Hasha'ah/ Spiritual Direction:  graduate level coursework (5 AOP units)

(i)  Intensive - Personal Theology; Interfaith Issues
(ii) Intensive -  Group Hashpa’ah & Rituals for Personal Transformation
(iii) Issues in Hashpa'ah/Spiritual Direction
(iv) Sacred Text as Mirror for Spiritual Development
(v) Issues of Saging and Hashpa’ah

Block II  Advanced Professional Theory/Practice (5 AOP units)

* Required

Hasidic Texts & Spiritual Practice
*Pastoral Counseling (2 units)
Storytelling for Spiritual Transformation
Deep Ecumenism as Foundation for Interfaith Spiritual Direction
Bibical Text Elective:
The book of Job
Tehillim: Psalms for Comfort and Healing
Other with Permission