Ecstatic Meditation

A week of Hebrew Chant and Deep Silence
with Rabbi Shefa Gold • May 15 - 21, 2017
in the Fitzgerald Center in beautiful Jemez Springs, New Mexico

Fitzgerald Center in Jemez Springs, NM

The essence of faith is an awareness of the vastness of Infinity.
— Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook

The Jewish practice of Devekut inspires us to open to the vastness of the Infinite, while releasing the content of thought, moment to moment. During this week of chant and silence we will connect to the Divine through the Earth, Water, Fire and Air in the glorious setting of the Jemez Mountains.

The retreat will take place at the Fitzgerald Center in beautiful Jemez Springs, New Mexico. Easily accessible from both Albuquerque and Santa Fe. All participants will enjoy private accommodations.

Location:, Jemez Springs, New Mexico

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The retreat with Shefa was inspiring and nourishing, a spacious time of spiritual renewal. Shefa is a generous teacher.

- Faith Hayflich

Rabbi Shefa Gold brings a rare authenticity to everything she teaches.  While many students, myself included, first encountered Reb Shefa through chanting, in this retreat she brings front and center her lifetime of experience with meditation, as well as the profound wisdom of Jewish and other spiritual traditions.  Shefa's teachings enriched and deepened my long-standing meditation practice and made it alive again after it had become dry and routine.  Guided deep into the silence, I  reconnected to heart and opened to being in the presence of  the Divine both in and out of meditation practice.  I continue to experience this connection  unfolding  in my daily life long after the retreat has ended, which is the mark of life-changing learning from an inspired and inspiring teacher. 

- Maxine Fraade

Having traveled an eclectic spiritual path for decades, I leaped at the opportunity to experience the synergy between silent meditation and sacred chant, mysticism and activism, personal and planetary healing (tikkun halev and tikkun olam) in a Jewish context.  With Great Love, Shefa guided our journey, which culminated in each of us channeling our own unique response to the Torah’s question: What does God require of you?
If you are a spiritual seeker who wants to deepen your commitment and connection with the Divine, I highly recommend this Ecstatic Meditation adventure!  Since returning home, the Presence of the Divine continues to illuminate me from within.  
Again, many thanks for this life-affirming experience!

- Ruth Sloven

There was something very calming about this retreat where natural surroundings fostered the beauty of silence.  It was about communing with oneself in a nurturing way and allowing the Universe in without distracting pressures.  Just “being” was truly medicinal, revealing and releasing.

- Eva Freidner

In this retreat, I experienced the ground of Being itself, and saw with clarity the perfection in everything....the rocks, the river, the mountains, and in each person, including myself.  My conditional relationship with myself gave way to the pure joy of Being.

- Ariel Lippman

This retreat is a unique combination of chanting and devakut meditation.  The opportunity to abstain from social distractions, smaller size, incredible teaching from Shefa and breathtaking setting allow a depth of meditation-chant practice that is beneficial for people with all levels of experience in chant and meditation.

- Linda Zahavi