Secrets My Grandmother Told Me – A Wisdom School

“Rabbi Nadya Gross' Wisdom School is a rare and sacred gift. Nadya's lineage through her grandmother goes all the way back to the time of the Second Temple, her people having never left the Land. The transmission that she received from the age of three in her Israeli grandmother's kitchen, is the oral kabbalah passed down from the Grandmothers over 100s of years. This is 'the real deal' and we have the unprecedented grace to receive this in our generation. This is our indigenous wisdom.” —a participant

Reb Nadya: Secrets My Grandmother Told Me
Reb Nadya's Story

The defining years of my childhood were spent opening to the Divine Mysteries of this world and the Source behind those mysteries, under the sheltering guidance of my paternal grandmother, “Savta” Rivka Davidson.

So much was transmitted non-verbally, while there were also direct teachings and indirect modeling of being and behavior.

One thing I knew clearly – these teachings were SECRET. I guarded the secret, even when what I knew and who I was kept me isolated from my friends – and later, my truest friend and soul mate.

After my Savta’s death in 1993, and the subsequent birth of our daughter, Rivka – who bears her name – urgings that seemed to be coming from Beyond, to keep the channels of transmission open and flowing, confused me: How was I supposed to share SECRETS? And, with whom? My last visit to Israel, in 2002, and the last time I saw my Saba (grandfather, Rivka’s husband), helped me to finally know what I had begun to suspect:

The teachings themselves are not secret – they belong to the Universe. The secret was that she was transmitting to me. She saw in the young child that I was an openness and vulnerability that she wanted to protect with the power of understanding and meaning. 

With deep humility, I launched the work I’d been meant to do for a long time, in May of 2007. The first gathering of “grandchildren” ripened over two years of learning and being together, and continue to remain in conscious relationship with one another and this work. The second, third and fourth gatherings, standing on the shoulders of each previous group, brought their unique gifts to the ever expanding vessel that receives and transmits the wisdom. The fifth cohort in now forming. And so, I invite you – women and men — to consider embarking on this journey of re-discovery with me, and to contribute to the Process....

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Program Format and Dates

  • Four five-day retreat intensives at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge: B&B and Wellness Retreat, near Boulder, CO. 
    1. November 8 – 13, 2015
    2. May 8 – 13, 2016
    3. November 13 – 18, 2016
    4. April 30 – May 5, 2017 Click here to register for Wisdom School 5.4!
  • Twelve 90-minute teleconference sessions, dates TBA
  • Additional individual Spiritual Direction (hashpa’ah) sessions 

Application and Registration Information

There are two steps to this registration:

Step 1. Apply

First, please contact to be accepted into the program. In your email, please share some information about yourself and tell us what draws you to this program. Once you’re accepted, you can register.

Step 2: Register

Register for 5.4! 


With this step you will submit basic contact information, as well as housing and dietary info for the THIRD retreat (Nov 13–18, 2016). This step will also bill you for the first-year tuition and the fee for the third retreat. Both these fees are due in FULL by October 13, 2016.

TUITION: $2000 (½ before the first retreat; ½ before the third retreat)

ROOM AND BOARD: $995 for each 5-day retreat

If you have any questions about payment, feel free to call (215) 247-9700 x21 Mon to Fri 2 to 5 pm eastern.

If you'd like to apply for ALEPH T'rumah financial aid for this program, please click here to fill in the aid application.

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What Participants Say...

Warm gratitude, and a sense of being gently held, and lovingly challenged are what come to mind when reflecting on the experience of Reb Nadya's Wisdom School. Learning to recognize and navigate the constant balancing dance of energy underlying our lives continues to unfold in my life and relationships. Finally having an energy practice to manage and address the often overwhelming grief continually arising has been a priceless blessing. The flash of insight - that love is at the base of both grief and joy - just that would have been enough. That it was wrapped in an experience of being loved in holy community, deep learning, playful integration, and honest storytelling is an abundance of riches. Thank you, thank you.

—Lynna Schaefer, Albany, NY

I have walked the Jewish Renewal path for 30 years and experience Reb Nadya to be a genuine embodiment of the best of its teachings. A leader of leaders. She flows with wisdom, grace, kindness, humor as well as the unique brilliance informed by her beloved Grandmother's teachings. And she "walks the walk" with great integrity. Like the tale of the chasid goes, we students of Nadya go to see how this "Rebbe ties her shoes." If you have the good fortune to join the next strong and mighty wisdom school cohort it will gently and profoundly transform your life.

–Sara Schley, Wendell, MA


Over the years I have studied with different teachers in different settings, but with the same intention: to bring into practice the spiritual growth and learning I have experienced in order to bring it from the head to the heart.  I have strived to integrate the study and spiritual growth aquired during study/meditation seminars into my everyday waking interactions with others.  What has been most remarkable, moving, inspiring and awesome about my experience with SMGTM with Reb Nadya Gross is that the teachings have expanded and intensified over time after the end of the "official" teaching.  Reb Nadya's gentle approach is magnificent in its subtlety.  Studying with her is like a warm embrace.  It was only after leaving the cocoon of the group that the magnitude and full beauty of the teaching began to more fully unfold for me.  Each day I continue to find more depth and connection to the teachings and I strive to bring the secrets to every action and interaction of my daily life.

–Deborah Oleshansky, Knoxville TN

These two years with Reb Nadya and the other travelers on the Kabbalistic path of relationship have been astounding. I knew that we would learn useful information from Jewish sources, that we would explore the masculine and feminine attributes within each of us, that we would share healing meditations and practices - and I wasn't disappointed. What came as a surprise to me was the profound effect our time together has had on my personal healing, both with my physical healing and the healing of difficult relationships in my life. This Wisdom School has deepened all my relationships: with myself, with my family, with my students, with my God. I am very grateful to Reb Nadya for sharing her wisdom and to the others in the program for their continued, loving support.

–Eshet Hazon Matia Rania Angelou
Boston, Massachussets

I felt challenged, supported and loved in the same moments. The program taught me how to use my longing for connection to the Divine every day, finding a mirror in every person I meet allowing me to seek the balance possible in relationship. The setting reminded daily of the beauty of creation (with daily hiking in the mountains) with nurturing, tasty food for every meal.

–Dr. Marlis Beier
Bend, Oregon