Baruch Dayan Emet: Rabbi Menachem Froman z'l 1945-2013.

Photo: Eliyahu McLean Photo: Eliyahu McLean

Reflections by Rabbi Marcia Prager

Rabbi Menachem Froman died Monday, March 4, 2013.

He was a heroic rabbi, courageous peacemaker, a humble, kind, vigilant activist for peace, and  one of the most remarkable peacemakers of our time. He was a founder of the Gush Emunim settlers movement and the rabbi of Tekoa in the West Bank, near the Dead Sea, but he was also a strong advocate for a Palestinian state, was a friend of Arafat, has negotiated cease-fire agreements with Hamas and been in dialogue with their religious leaders. He dreamed of living in peace as a citizen of a Palestinian state in the West Bank/Judea

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