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Rabbi Marcia Prager's Website

Rabbi Marcia Prager is a vibrant Jewish Renewal teacher, storyteller, artist, and therapist. She is Director and Dean of Ordination Programs for ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, and rabbi for the P'nai Or Jewish Renewal community of Philadelphia PA. After receiving smicha from Reb Zalman they began to deepen their  professional and mentorship relationship and Rabbi Marcia began to work closely with ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, the national organization that grew out of Reb Zalman’s life-work to promote the renewal of Judaism as a spiritual path.  She was initially appointed a Pathfinder and Director of Professional Development for ALEPH and then in partnership with Reb Zalman, began to transition his private project of training and ordaining his inner circle of students into a formal seminary: The ALEPH Ordination Program, which she now serves as Director and Dean. The ALEPH Ordination Program is an innovative seminary that trains rabbis, cantors, rabbinic pastors and mashpi’im (spiritual directors) with a rigorous curriculum that combines distance learning and intnsive retreat-based courses and practica. 

rabbiroth_color.jpgThe mission of Awakened Heart Project is to promote the use of Jewish contemplative techniques that foster the development of a heart of wisdom and compassion. Cultivating an awakened heart leads to acting in the world with loving-kindness towards all beings recognizing them as manifestations of the Holy One of Being.




Organic Torah - Rabbi Natan Margalit, Ph.D.

Organic Torah integrates ancient Jewish wisdom with new directions in modern thought such as ecological and systems thinking which emphasize networks of relationship, context and patterns of connection. This new approach to Jewish texts focuses on their patterns, recovers their organic vibrancy, and opens them up so that we can see their relevance to modern lives. Founded by Rabbi Natan Margalit.