Ruach Ha’Aretz Mitzvah Core

Ruach Ha'Aretz offers opportunities to deepen your practice of Mitzvah and service. The Mitzvah Core is a "work-study" exchange program that manifests the Malchut (grounded reality) of the retreat by assisting in the Ruach Kids village, offering childcare, assistance to our teachers, setting up for Shabbat, and all other informal Mitzvot that may arise during the week.

Our vision is to work mindfully and joyfully by grounding ourselves in the spiritual practices and teachings of the week. As the Mitzvah Core is nourished we hope to transform the entire retreat into a Conscious Community that is yearning to serve each other with Chesed (loving-kindness).
Ruach Ha’Aretz is committed to making our programs accessible to younger adults, and to bringing new energy and vision to our village. This year we are able to offer Mitzvah Core positions at a nominal cost (room&board only), for half-time work-study. You will have the option of a morning or afternoon class and will contribute your work-exchange in the alternate time of the day.
PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out to us. To inquire about Mitzvah Core options, please send an email to or leave a message on our voicemail (215-247-9700 ext 18). Our Mitzvah Core Coordinator will get in touch with you.