AOP Course Catalog

Students in the ALEPH Ordination Programs are expected to take three kinds of courses:


Courses whose content is required and which must be taken within our program;


Courses whose content is required and may be taken either within our program or elsewhere, with the prior approval of the Director of Studies and typically also with the approval of the ALEPH faculty member who is most expert in that subject area; and


Electives are courses that students take for credit on subjects that we believe to be crucial for Ovdei haShem, selected by the student in conjunction with his or her Director of Studies. Elective courses include graduate-level courses offered during the ALEPH Ordination Program’s Intensive Learning Week, also called “smicha student week,” and at the ALEPH Kallah. Electives may also be taken elsewhere with the approval of the Director of Studies.

Full Schedule (subject to change):

Course Descriptions by Areas:

Each of the ALEPH Ordinations Programs require a specific minimum of units of study spanning an array of subjects and disciplines. Below you will find links to all of the courses by subject area that are offered by ALEPH, along with an indication for which program the course may be required.