ALEPH Administrative Office

7000 Lincoln Drive #B2
Philadelphia, PA 19119-3046
Tel: 215-247-9700
Fax: 215-247-9703


Shoshanna Schechter-Shaffin

Executive Director
215-247-9700 ext. 24

Steve Weinberg

Deputy Director of Operations and Finance
215-247-9700 ext. 23

Tamy Jacobs

Deputy Director of Institutional Advancement
215-247-9700 ext. 30

R. Marcia Prager

Dean & Director of ALEPH Ordination Program

Ming Shem Lu

Ordination Program Administrator & Program and Retreat Registrations
215-247-9700 ext. 21

Lynda Simons

Manager of Finance
215-247-9700 ext. 25

Program Directors

R. Victor and R. Nadya Gross

Senior Program Managers
215-247-9700 ext. 18

Sage-ing® Mentorship

Co-Directors, R. Shaya Isenberg and Bahira Sugarman

Kol Zimra

R. Shefa Gold and Rachmiel O’Regan 

Embodying Spirit En-Spiriting Body

R. Diane Elliot

Wisdom School

R. Nadya Gross

Educating for Spirituality

R. Lori Shaller & R. Rain Zohav

215-247-9700 ext. 32

Military and Prison Chaplains Requests for kosher food, holiday supplies, and social services should be referred to the unrelated Aleph Institute.

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