Mission & Vision


ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal envisions a contemporary Judaism that is joyous, creative, spiritually rich, socially progressive, and earth-aware. This vision arises out of our search for a renewed personal connection to the God of our ancestors and the legacy of our tradition, in service of our higher dreams to heal ourselves and our world by promoting justice, freedom, caring for all life, and the Earth that sustains all life.


ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal mission is to build a global movement that catalyzes spiritual development through a contemporary egalitarian Judaism as a profound spiritual practice and social transformer, by reaching beyond religious boundaries and institutional structures, while fully embracing and integrating justice, diversity, equity, and belonging.


ALEPH contributes to Jewish Renewal by supporting new creative efforts that draw upon the rich legacy of Jewish mystical/hasidic traditions and the deep wisdom of Jewish life and practice.

ALEPH inspires, motivates and engages communities and individuals to:

Healing body, mind, heart, spirit

DISCOVER new models for meaningful Jewish practices that elevate prayer, sacred chant, meditation, healing services, transformative ritual, music, movement, and the renewed study of traditional text.

REVITALIZE synagogue life with an infusion of new approaches to prayer, ritual and communal process.

TRANSFORM and renew kavanah (spiritual intention).

CREATE cutting-edge programs that offer life-changing inspirational Jewish experiences.

REALIZE a global vision of egalitarian Judaism by creating new opportunities for leadership.

CELEBRATE the creativity of inspired and inspiring Jewish artists, musicians and spiritual teachers.

ENGAGE with members of other faith traditions in joint projects that inspire trust and develop pathways for shared activism.

GROW ALEPH’s programming and sustain its vision with personal and financial commitment.

FACILITATE a deep connection between those on a variety of spiritual paths.