Jewish Renewal Links

OHALAH the Association of Rabbis for Jewish Renewal

The professional organization that includes more than 200 diverse rabbis who participate in the transformation and renewal of Judaism. We provide our rabbis with collegial support and opportunities for sharing in Jewish learning, life and practice. OHALAH also brings together cantors and rabbinic pastors for these same purposes. OHALAH holds an annual conference each January.

ALEPH Canada

ALEPH Canada is dedicated to revitalizing Judaism in Canada.

Rabbinic Pastors Association, An association for Jewish Renewal rabbinic pastors, chaplains and students

The Rabbinic Pastors Association (RPA) brings together ordained rabbinic pastors and other similarly trained Jewish clergy to participate in the transformation and renewal of Judaism. Providing a network of collegial support, the RPA offers opportunities for sharing in all areas of Jewish learning, life and practice, with a special focus on spiritual care.

DLTI: The Davvenen’ Leadership Training Institute

The Davennen’ Leadership Training Institute (DLTI) offers a unique, award-winning learning experience to help those who lead worship and other communal events in a Jewish context to deepen the quality of communal prayer so that it activates the body, touches the heart, engages the mind and nourishes genuine spiritual growth and insight.

C-DEEP – Center for Devotional Energy & Ecstatic Practice

Co-Directors: Rabbi Shefa Gold & Rachmiel O’Regan, MA
C-DEEP is a resource for communities and individuals who want to explore the deep treasures of Judaism to cultivate the devotional and ecstatic aspects of their lives. C-DEEP serves:

  • Those who would build a deep and abiding Center of Awareness through Meditation and Jewish Contemplative practice.
  • Those on a Devotional path who have a commitment to live from the heart and do the work required to grow in love each day.
  • Those who understand what it means to perceive the world as Energy and want to become energy-workers.
  • Those who want to explore Ecstatic states to expand their perceptive and creative potential.
  • And those who have a commitment to Practice on a daily, and, hopefully, moment to moment, basis.

Yesod Foundation

The Yesod Foundation’s mission is to bring the deep wisdom of the Jewish tradition to contemporary culture. Inspired by the extraordinary vision of Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (1924-2014), the founder of the Jewish renewal movement and one of the most influential spiritual leaders of our time, a small group of friends formed a new non-profit Jewish foundation in 1998 to advance Jewish spirituality by supporting local, regional, and international programs which continue Reb Zalman’s vision.

The Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi Collection

The Zalman M. Schachter-Shalomi Collection highlights the activities and interdisciplinary knowledge of the founder of the Jewish Renewal Movement. The physical archive from which the digital collection is derived contains 5,000 manuscript pages, 500 audio cassettes, 500 photographs, 50 VHS tapes, and 25 posters and advertisements covering subjects as diverse as Jewish mysticism, Hasidism, spiritual eldering, interreligious dialogue, psychology of religion and paradigm shift.

The Shalom Center

The Shalom Center equips activists and spiritual leaders with awareness and skills needed to lead in shaping a transformed and transformative Judaism that can help create a world of peace, justice, healing for the earth, and respect for the interconnectedness of all life. Founder of the Shalom Center is Reb Arthur Waskow.

Rabbi Marcia Prager

Rabbi Marcia Prager is a vibrant Jewish Renewal teacher, storyteller, artist, and therapist. She is Director and Dean of Ordination Programs for ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal, and rabbi for the P’nai Or Jewish Renewal community of Philadelphia PA.

The Awakened Heart Project for Contemplative Judaism – Rabbi Jeff Roth

The mission of Awakened Heart Project is to promote the use of Jewish contemplative techniques that foster the development of a heart of wisdom and compassion. Cultivating an awakened heart leads to acting in the world with loving-kindness towards all beings recognizing them as manifestations of the Holy One of Being.

Organic Torah

Organic Torah integrates ancient Jewish wisdom with new directions in modern thought such as ecological and systems thinking which emphasize networks of relationship, context and patterns of connection. This new approach to Jewish texts focuses on their patterns, recovers their organic vibrancy, and opens them up so that we can see their relevance to modern lives. Founded by Rabbi Natan Margalit.

Torah of Awakening – The Jewish Path of Presence

Led by Reb Brian Yosef Schachter-Brooks, Torah of Awakening is all about spiritual transformation – also sometimes called spiritual awakening, liberation, or enlightenment, all meaning essentially the same thing: waking up from the dream of who we think we are, our ordinary identities based on thoughts and feelings, into the deepest level of our being – a radiant field of awareness, free from negativity and connected to the aliveness of the present moment. There we find an abundance of peace, joy, creativity, wisdom and more.

Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center

Isabella Freedman was founded in 1897 as the Jewish Working Girls Vacation Society. In the fall of 2006, the Jewish Renewal Retreat Center merged with Isabella Freedman. Many programs at Isabella Freedman have a Jewish Renewal flavor such as the Hazon Meditation Retreat every December, led by Jewish Renewal Rabbi Jay Michaelson. The DLTI training meets at Isabella Freedman.

Yerusha: Building a legacy for future generations

A Jewish Renewal organization founded by Rabbi Nadya Gross and Rabbi Victor Gross, offering classes and retreats. 

Reclaiming Judaism – Founded by Rabbi Goldie Milgram

Reclaiming Judaism develops and provides programs, training, resources, research and consultation in the emerging field of Jewish spiritual education, i.e., guiding people to be able to thrive through the beauty and power of a Jewish lens on living. Founded by Rabbi Goldie Milgram, Reclaiming Judaism’s major initiatives include the Institute for Jewish Spiritual Education (2017) and it’s Maggid-Educator Ordination Program, the Mitzvah-Centered Life Initiative (2015), Reclaiming Judaism Press (2009), and the Bar/Mitzvah [R]evolution (2001), now known as B-Mitzvah! – Chassidus Without Borders was created by Rabbi David Seidenberg to help folks integrate Chasidic song, learning, and nusach into their davenning and communities and to explore embodied Torah. It evolved to focus on eco-Torah and to share liturgy that honors our relationship with the Earth and/or expresses gender parity.