Contact ALEPH

ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal

P.O. Box 35118
Philadelphia, PA 19128
215.247.9700 (phone)
215.247.9703 (fax)
info (at)


SooJi Min-Maranda

Executive Director
215.247.9700 ext. 240
soojim (at)

Lynda Simons

Finance Manager
215.247.9700 ext. 250
lynda (at)

Stephanie Buncher

Events and Retreats Manager
215.247.9700 ext. 260
stephanie (at) 

ALEPH Ordination Program

Charles Silverstein, PhD

Interim Dean
215.247.9700 ext. 205
charles (at)

Hazzan Diana Brewer

Admissions Officer & Dean of Students
215.247.9700 ext. 216
dbrewer (at)

Ruth Alcabes

AOP Administrator
215.247.9700 ext. 210
ruth (at)


Program Directors


Rabbi Shefa Gold and Rachmiel O’Regan (at)

Embodying Spirit En-Spiriting Body

Rabbi Diane Elliot
diane.elliot (at)
Rabbi Diane is currently on sabbatical.

Organic Torah

Rabbi Natan Margalit
215.247.9700 ext. 212
nmargalit (at)



Kallah Support
215.247.9700 ext. 230
kallah (at)

For media inquiries, please contact SooJi Min-Maranda, Executive Director, at soojim (at)

Military and Prison Chaplains Requests for kosher food, holiday supplies, and social services should be referred to the unrelated Aleph Institute.