Integral Halachah

Integral Halachah is Reb Zalman’s way of anchoring innovation in the traditional halachic process by adding this new category – which goes beyond the classical system while simultaneously including it.

It is, in Reb Zalman’s words, both renewing and “backwards compatible.”

ALEPH Canada

ALEPH Canada is the home of the Integral Halachah Institute, with Rabbi Daniel Siegel as its Founding Director.

In the words of Rabbi Sherril Gilbert of Montreal, Executive Director of ALEPH Canada, we envision Integral Halachah “as a remedy for engaging with our communities in the sacred work of seriously wrestling with the questions that arise for us about our spiritual practices, ethical standards, and the routine challenges of trying to live our faith. Indeed, I believe that this work can only be done communally.… Indeed, we are the ones being called to create an integral halachah at the growing edge of our spiritual foresight. Our hope is that the IHI will serve to bridge gaps between generations, between denominations, between communities, and between the affiliated and unaffiliated as we ask and explore the meaningful questions of our time.”

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