Co-Directors: Rabbi Shefa Gold & Rachmiel O’Regan, MA

cdeep_main_photo.jpgC-DEEP is a resource for communities and individuals who want to explore the deep treasures of Judaism to cultivate the devotional and ecstatic aspects of their lives.

C-DEEP’s projects include:

Kol Zimra

Ecstatic Meditation


C-DEEP serves:

  • Those who wish to build a deep and abiding Center of Awareness through Meditation and Jewish Contemplative practice.
  • Those on a Devotional path who have a commitment to live from the heart and do the work required to grow in love each day.
  • Those who understand what it means to perceive the world as Energy and want to become energy-workers.
  • Those who want to explore Ecstatic states to expand their perceptive and creative potential.
  • And those who have a commitment to Practice on a daily basis.


  • Offers an experiential, practical and embodied spirituality anchored in both theory and text.
  • Teaches the value of service as a way of accessing the Divine.
  • Promotes the value of silent practice in deepening our experience of Divinity within.
  • Values artistic expression, stressing transformational process rather than product.
  • Values the process of purification that leads to the ability to be present to each moment with an open heart.
  • Teaches constant awareness of God’s presence as foundation for all experience.
  • Treasures connection to both ancestors and descendants.