ALEPH Policies

Partial Payment

Partial payments are only accepted for programs or events that offer the option to make a deposit upon registration. Balances are due according to the payment policy of the event (typically on or before 30 days prior to the event/program start date).

Payment Plans

Payment plans may be arranged for those who express a need. Plans must be on a schedule that is approved by ALEPH registration staff in equal amounts over a pre-determined schedule. Payment plans require a credit card or electronic check payment to be submitted.  All payment plans for retreats must be paid in full before the 30-day deadline prior to program or event start date.   Payments made after the deadline will incur a $54 late fee. We do not accept payment plans that require payment after the event date. Payment plans cannot be initiated until an event registration has opened to the public.

Cancellation by ALEPH

ALEPH reserves the right to cancel registrations at its discretion for lack of payment, missed payments, late payments or failed payment due to declined credit card or electric check.  If registration is canceled, refunds will be made according to the event’s cancellation policy.

Financial Aid

  • Financial aid is available only for programs that list the offer on the web site.
  • Financial aid applicants must be in good standing. No aid will be granted for applicants with outstanding balances due (exceptions may be made at ALEPH’s discretion for participants with a pre-approved payment plan in place).
  • To apply for aid, participants must first register for the Retreat/Event, making at least a $200 deposit for each person included in the registration. Participants should, after registration, fill out the T’rumah Aid application form. Aid will be offered on a sliding scale (potentially between 10% to 45% of the fee) based on availability.
  • Applications will be processed in the order they are received up until all available funds have been disbursed. Submitting an application does not guarantee aid support, as resources are limited.
  • ALEPH reserves the right not to offer aid to an individual for more than one program per year. ALEPH reserves the right not to offer Financial Aid.
  • If you receive a financial aid notice and it is not sufficient to allow you to attend the program and you must cancel, your deposit will be refunded.
  • Financial aid is not transferable between programs.
  • Once aid has been granted, all remaining balances will be due on or before 30 days prior to the event or program start date.
  • Financial aid is distributed as credit against registration fees and has no cash value.
  • Financial aid cannot be used to offset the cost of the T’rumah Financial Aid fee.

ALEPH Network

Individuals, Organizations, Associations and Communities who join the ALEPH Network assume all responsibility and risk for any services they provide.   Each Network Member is independent and merely a participant in a collaborative framework which links to ALEPH.   ALEPH does not endorse the actions of any participant.  ALEPH neither warrants nor guarantees the quality, accuracy, completeness, morality, validity or suitability of any goods or services provided by such entities.  ALEPH has no responsibility or liability in any manner whatsoever for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damage resulting from the actions of any affiliated organization or their members.  ALEPH offers no warranty as to the content of websites of entities that are Network Members.  ALEPH has no obligation to edit or control anything produced by a Network Member entity.  ALEPH does not endorse, sanction or support any services or goods produced, prepared, or offered by a Network Member entity.  ALEPH hereby disclaims any right, title, ownership, and control of the assets of any Network Member entity.

ALEPH reserves the right to deny Network Membership.

If you have questions, please contact us at 215.249.9700