Cantor Richard Kaplan z”l’s Shir HaShirim Services Recordings

Calling all who love world Jewish music! We are honored to share a treasure trove of recordings of Cantor Richard Kaplan’s z”l Shir Ha Shirim services, as well as his recordings from Kallah. Cantor Richard’s musical legacy was the height of Jewish culture from around the world, blending both musical and spiritual creativity with drums, oud, and poetry.

For the first time, these individual tracks are available for download. For a recommended donation of $10, you can select one Shir Ha Shirim service recording. A recommended donation of $180 will grant to access to all 18 recordings.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR AOP STUDENTS: A donation of $36 will grant access to all 18 recordings for any donations made between now and December 31.

If you are unable to donate the requested amount, we welcome donations in any amount that feel comfortable to you. All donations will directly support the work of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal.

Additonally, please click here to access this memorial booklet—assembled by Rabbi Diane Elliot—in memory of Cantor Richard for the 2021 OHALAH conference.

List of Recordings

1 – Shir Ha’Shirim
2 – Wise One
3 – A Love Supreme
4 – Kol D’mama Daka
5 – L’Cha Dodi
6 – Chatzi Kaddish
7 – Barchu
8 – Maariv Aravim
9 – Sh’ma
10 – Ufros Aleinu
11 – V’Shamru
12 – Oseh Shalom
13 – Ana El Na R’Fanala
14 – Ayn Od
15 – Mourner’s Kaddish
16 – Shalom Aleichem
17 – Sim Shalom
18 – You Want It Darker


NOTE: When you register, you will see a box for each section of recordings. Please make a donation of your choosing for each recording that you would like to receive access to (or all of them.) After donating, you will receive an email with links to the sections of recordings you selected.

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