Kallah 2016

July 11 - 17, 2016 
Colorado State University, Fort Collins CO


Early Bird Registration will open later in the fall. Full registraion in January 2016.

We invite you to submit a proposal for ALL types of programming for ALEPH Kallah 2016! 

ALEPH Kallah is an exciting week-long gathering of many hundreds of clergy, students, lay leaders, educators and seekers, together steeping in Renewal learning, prayer, art, dance, yoga, meditation and other inspiring programs taught by gifted teachers.  As the quintessential Renewal experience, Kallah is the place to network, immerse in cutting-edge innovation, delight in diverse modalities of spirituality, and feed the mind, heart and soul.

Our 16th international gathering will be a true Hilulah, a Celebration of “the Joys of Jewishing.”

This theme was chosen to honour the legacy of the Joys of Jewishing summer camp, a precursor to the Kallah, an annual summer camp for all ages that attracted Jewish spiritual seekers, from 1977 through the mid 1980s, who were living in a new paradigm of seeking transformation in their lives and spirit. Their joy and experimentation, their music and creativity, are our inheritance. In this new century, in the aftermath of Reb Zalman’s z”l  passing and for his merit, we continue to seek new pathways that will transform consciousness and our lived lives. We invite your offerings that explore transformation and renewal, in relationship with our tradition, our sacred texts, our people, creation and our historic land.

Please read the following notes very carefully.  They include a description of the program selection process as well as specific instructions for submitting a proposal.

Kallah 2016 will be held July 11-17 at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Fort Collins is about 70 miles north of Denver, situated at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains under the Big Sky.

Proposal Requirements

ALEPH is currently accepting Kallah proposals for classes, workshops, Shabbat learning, creative and traditional morning and evening davenen (prayer), evening programs, artists, performers or any other creative outlet that you feel should be considered for this special event. Let your creative juices flow!

All proposals must be submitted through the following online form:    Kallah RFP

We encourage you to integrate the 4 worlds – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual - in how you present your program. We are soliciting proposals which will include music, movement, art and ritual, study of/wrestling with traditional and contemporary Jewish texts, connection with nature, psycho-spiritual processes, storytelling, writing, healing, meditation and prayer. We invite you to be creative as you submit a proposal in your area of expertise, which integrates some of the above modalities.

Finally, we ask you to consider how you might best contribute to the community that will gather in Colorado next summer. Are you a teacher? A performer? An artist? A ritual-maker? We envision a week of total immersion in our theme – from morning davenen through evening programs – a community marinating in the Joys of Jewishing in an innovative, creative, and transformative way.

Your Flexibility

As part of the program proposal form, you will find a section that asks you about your level of flexibility regarding the venue for your program. For example, given the mix of proposals, the selection committee may feel that your program idea works better with an evening program or workshop. Your flexibility helps us include your program and create the best overall program for our participants.

ALL CLASS AND WORKSHOP PROPOSALS must be received NO LATER THAN NOVEMBER 15, 2015   (Sorry, no late proposals for classes and workshops will be considered).

Full Week Classes will meet daily for four sessions, approximately two and one half hours each session (10 hours total). PLEASE NOTE: Full week class teachers are required to arrive on campus on Sunday, July 10. Teachers will receive an honorarium which includes room, board and program costs for the conference tuition and a subsidy for travel. International teachers and courses with co-teaching will be handled on an individual basis. Students will sign up in advance for these classes, at the time of their registration.

Workshop and Shabbat Programs

Workshops, Preparing for Shabbat and Shabbat afternoon programs are 1 to 2 hour individual sessions that are offered one time. Workshop leaders will receive a discount on their Kallah registration fees to be determined on an individual basis.


Morning and afternoon davening proposals will be accepted through May 1. The sessions are 30-45 minutes each and can be offered from one to five times. Davvenning leaders may receive a discount on their Kallah registration fees to be determined on an individual basis.

Program Selection

The selection committee is made up of ALEPH staff and volunteers with a variety of relationships to Jewish renewal - old timers, newcomers, with a mixture of ages, sexes and sexual orientations. The first pass through will focus on how the proposal reads and how well it reflects the intention of this summer’s gathering. The committee will then make its best effort to balance the program, taking into consideration factors such as new and returning teachers, as well as variety of topics and approaches offered.   Once selected, the committee will continue to assist all presenters in developing their programs, classes and workshops to assure that the theme is fully articulated in all varieties of forms. Presenters will also be invited to a series of video conferences to engage with each other and help form the community that will welcome our participants in July 2016.

We look forward to receiving and reading your program proposal. Feel free to share this request for proposals with other people you feel would be a good match for Kallah 2016. We honor every contribution and thank you for your interest.

If you have any questions about the RFP or Kallah programing, please contact ALEPH Directors of Programs, Rabbis Nadya and Victor Gross at programs@aleph.org.

If you have questions about attending the Kallah, volunteering etc, please contact Tamy Jacobs, Kallah Director, at tamy@aleph.org.


Photos from Kallah 2013