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Kallah 2023 COVID-19 Info

COVID-19 Information

Will I need to be vaccinated to participate in Kallah?

No, we are not requiring vaccination against COVID-19 in order to register for Kallah. ALEPH strongly recommends full vaccination (including booster doses) against COVID-19, but proof of vaccination is not required.

Will I need to provide proof of a negative test?

All participants are required to take a rapid test for COVID-19 on the morning of your scheduled arrival to Kallah. This test can be taken prior to your arrival to campus, or immediately upon your arrival to campus. You will be responsible for the cost of this test, and ALEPH will not be providing tests.

If you take this test in the morning prior to your arrival, you must show proof of the negative result to staff upon your arrival. A photo on your phone will suffice, as long as it can show the details of the date and time the photo was taken. If your phone cannot show these details, we recommend placing a newspaper or sign with the day’s date in the photo.

If you do not take this test prior to your arrival, you must bring a rapid COVID-19 test with you to the event location. You will be asked to take your test onsite, wait the required duration for your result, and show proof of the negative result to staff before proceeding through your registration.

Note about recent recovery: If you recently recovered from COVID-19 (within 90 days) and are still receiving positive tests, you will be required to provide a letter from a healthcare provider stating documentation of recovery and bring proof of that letter to campus on the day of your scheduled arrival.

We also strongly recommend testing on your own throughout the event; a minimum of every third day. Recommended testing frequency is every other day.

What happens if I test positive before I come to Kallah?

If you (the registrant) test positive for COVID-19 and you are required to quarantine through the start date of the program, you will not be permitted to attend. We STRONGLY recommend travel insurance to cover the cost of your trip, as you will not be able to receive a refund directly from ALEPH.

What happens if someone I live with tests positive before I come to Kallah?

If someone with whom you share a household or for whom you are the primary caregiver tests positive before you are scheduled to come to Kallah, it is assumed that you have been exposed as a close contact.

Will I have to wear a mask at Kallah, even if I am fully vaccinated?

You will not be required to wear a mask at Kallah. Please be respectful of others around you that choose to wear a mask.

Discrimination against those who choose to wear a mask is a violation of the ALEPH Safety, Respect, and Equity Code of Conduct and will not be tolerated.

Will I have to practice social distancing?

ALEPH is not requiring social distancing at Kallah, but we ask that you respect the wishes of those around you who choose to remain further away from other participants.

What happens if I test positive while onsite?

Should you test positive while onsite, you will immediately begin quarantine. Quarantine accommodations may vary. If you are not already in a single room, and an additional single room is not available, you will be required to transfer to another accommodation (such as a local hotel) at your expense. Should your quarantine need to extend past July 9 (the end date of the program,) you will be responsible for the additional cost of added nights and meals.

What happens if restrictions return and the event can’t be held?

In the unlikely case that the entire event is postponed due to increased COVID-19 restrictions from the CDC and WHO, we will transfer the cost of your registration to any event taking place through the end of 2024. You will not be able to receive a refund for the cost of your registration.

Is the ALEPH policy and protocol consistent with other mandated guidelines?

We believe this policy is entirely consistent with the CDC guidance.

How often will this policy and protocol be updated? Will this change before the event?

ALEPH leadership will review the policy and protocol regularly. ALEPH reserves the right to update these policies based on local positivity rates and community spread, informed by CDC guidelines. It is possible that certain aspects may be updated before July, and that will be communicated to all attendees. We are committed to keeping our guests as safe as possible.

Does this policy and protocol prevent all risk of contracting COVID-19?

While we practice an abundance of caution with this protocol, there is no way to reduce all risks of contracting COVID-19. We recommend that all highly vulnerable persons exercise their own judgment when determining whether to participate.

Please review the ALEPH COVID-19 Waiver, which can be found at www.aleph.org/covid19waiver.

We recognize that guests will arrive with various and diverse perspectives on their own perceived level of risk and on appropriate levels of preventive practices. Despite this diversity, we ask all guests to minimally respect the policy and protocol established by ALEPH.

A note about images: please note that all images used to promote this event are from events that took place prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Masks, social distancing, and other infection control measures will be in place as listed above.

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