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Kallah 2023 Single Day Registration Option

Kallah is an incredible week of immersion into Jewish Renewal, but we know that not everyone has the ability to join us for the full week (or even the Shabbaton.)

For those who are looking for a taste of Kallah, we’re thrilled to share the single-day registration option.


What is included in single-day registration?

Our single-day registration option allows for a glimpse into Kallah. You can choose from the following days:

Tuesday, July 4
Wednesday, July 5
Thursday, July 6
Friday, July 7
Saturday, July 8

Each of these days are jam-packed with programming! Your single-day registration includes access to all programming taking place that day.

For a full schedule, visit www.aleph.org/kallah/schedule, and for a list of one-day workshops, visit www.aleph.org/kallah/workshops.


What is the cost of single-day registration?

The cost of single-day registration is $150 per day + fees.


What is NOT included in single-day registration?

Single-day registration does NOT include the following:

  • Meals
  • Housing
  • The ability to add meals or housing
  • Four-day classes


Can I add meals or housing?

You will NOT be able to add meals or housing to your single-day registration. However, you will be able to purchase meals at the dining hall if you wish. This will allow you to eat onsite with the other attendees.

Purchasing meals in the dining hall is entirely optional. Note that if you bring your own food, you must consume all meals outside of classrooms as food and drink (other than water) are not permitted inside the classrooms.

Please note that the strict kosher (supervised by a mashgiach) will NOT be able to be accommodated with this registration type. If you keep strict kosher and require all of your meals to be supervised by a mashgiach, we recommend bringing your own meals.


How long can I stay each day? What can I go to?

Your single-day registration option includes all programming on your selected day; beginning with shacharit davvenen and concluding with late night evening programming. You are welcome to attend any davvenen, one-day workshops, and evening programming offered that day.

You can NOT attend four-day classes, as four-day classes are designed to be taken all four days.

You must depart campus at the conclusion of that day’s programming.


When will single-day registration close?

Kallah full-week and Shabbaton registration closes at 11:59 pm on Wednesday, May 31.

Kallah single-day registration will remain open until Monday, June 19. If you plan to join us for a single day, pleae register before that date.


Help! I have more questions.

Not a problem. Please reach out to us at kallah@aleph.org.

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